Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The story of Matainui Island

Day 1
Room 18, on an experience of a lifetime, living in the wild, surrounding ourselves with others and parting from our fellow classmates. On an island where everything and anything is possible, no one knows what’s going to happen or what to expect. I can just imagine the island with 3 mountains, native birds, sandy bays a lake and a river. Everyone is really excited and this is where the story begins.
The excitement is building up inside like a volcano! Everyone has spent weeks preparing and getting ready for the trip to Matainui, so many studies and finally the time has began. Leah, Maddy, Emma and I are all ecstatic for the "trip of a lifetime" so Mr Woody calls it. "All aboard" the bus driver David calls, as we all jump on the bright green bus. Kawhia Harbor here we come!
I'm excited, nervous and scared all at the same time!!!! Our backpacks were fill of survival items and as everyone hops on the bus I saw happy faces scattered though the air and the feeling, great! With excited and smiling faces we finally end up at Kawhia, we tramp down the bush track to the harbor and out of the bushes I could see the huge sea plane.
"WOW" I spoke flabbergasted I could not believe it! One by one we got into the plane, then we heard a familiar voice coming from the plane speaker inside. "Come in to the fabulous Grumman HU16" the voice shouted, I recognised the voice suddenly, SAM! Then I realised that Sam was driving the plane. I screamed nervously "Sam's driving the plane?" This is horrible all the 'what ifs' ran through my head, he then said he was qualified so I calmly got inside the plane! Even with the fact that Sam was driving, when I looked around happy faces was all I saw.
I was sitting with my friends for ages waiting for the plane to take off, when it did there was so much noise, it was so loud I thought there could be nothing louder than a normal plane but this was way worse! There was screaming and laughter and butterflies in my tummy! Finally it started to stop going round in circles and started to take off it was amazing!
As we watched the ground disappear from our feet, we traveled through clouds and around the mountains I saw everything through my window, so sunny and blue!
Suddenly it started to get dark, darker and darker the Sky's were no longer there, there was no blue skies or sun and a black cloud surrounded the plane and I then turned and saw people floating then I started going up with the rest of them, what a feeling but such a mystery, lightning strikes but the weather reports said nothing about this! Silence filled the room nothing was heard and the plane shudders, suddenly everyone dropped.
The planed plummeted to the ground...... CRASH..... BANG!!!! The plane was descending really fast and everyone got pushed to the front of the plane then Sam screams "I never passed my test" oh my gosh I shouted in my head! Everyone was screaming and I heard the water splash as the plane went into the ocean and the hatch flied open so everyone jumped out. I saw people swarming around the plane getting their bags, I was lucky enough to get mine but I was luckier to even survive the crash.
I looked at the island it was about 100m away and Leah had a broken collar bone so I swam her back to shore while Emma and Maddy brought our bags since they lost theirs, I was petrified and the water was freezing!
As Leah, Maddy, Emma and I got to shore everyone split of into groups and Mac and James were standing at the beach line which I thought was pretty strange so I went over and asked them what they were doing. "Nothing" they said very suspiciously and then they took off straight towards the plane, so I went back to the 'tribe' and tried to set up the camp for the night and then everyone saw Mac, James, Leon and Sam come back from the plane with bags. Mac and James definitely had theirs but Leon had Graysons, I knew this because all our bags were so different. Anyway, it didn't concern our 'tribe' so we thought nothing of it.
We then finished setting up camp and talked over our plan of action and thought it over thoroughly and we knew what we would do! But for now we would get warm, make a sling for Leah and get some rest for the long days ahead surviving in the wild!
As a team we decided to plan carefully together we thought we may have gone back in time to when we were here before our plan was to go to our village so we could maybe see the remains of the villages so in the night we would head to the valley when all the other tribes were asleep we had set up the camp to blindside the other people so they wouldn't suspect anything. Before we set off all the camps noticed a dark black ring of clouds approaching the island they came so fast, they zoomed to the island and covered the sky like a blanket from so light to so dark it was essential that we would bring a torch to see through the forest as it was pitch black and in the forest it was worse.
When we thought everyone was asleep we scattered off into the forest and found a path that was a mystery as Mr Woody had said there had been no one here before which helped add information to our hypothesis.
We came across a clearing in the forest and saw beautiful trees and in one of them about ten metres up there was a glowing orb attached to a web. We them saw bones scattered along the ground scaring us immensely, yet we were all connected and couldn't lay our eyes off it especially Maddy!
Leah and I managed to take our eyes off it and think what could happen if Maddy took it, what if she died. I was petrified but Maddy and Emma still went for the glowing orb they stood on each others shoulders Maddy on top while Leah and I stood back frightened of what could happen we then heard scattering noises coming from the bush then out popped a giant spider! The spider jumped up to the tree and grabbed Maddy and kept pulling her away Emma grabbed her legs and wouldn't let go, I started throwing rocks and bones from the ground at the spider then Leah started doing so too.
Finally after tugging and pulling and throwing the spider ran off and we started running off so very fast, we came to three paths we chose the west path an it turned out to be a great decision where we found an opening and camped there for the night while we were setting up the tent we saw Maddy's huge cut on her arm that looked like it would need stitches to fix it was ginormous! We fell asleep straight away as we were exhausted from the running. A long day awaits us tomorrow and we had to get some rest.
Day 2
In the morning of day two we wake up to find Maddy's cuts from the spider green, infected and throbbing so we looked around and Leah had found something hard underneath the tent so we checked it out so we put down the tent and dug underneath where the tent was and we found old crops fossilised in amber which we knew killed pesticides so we wrapped some in a bandage and tied it around Maddy's cut to help it heal.
All of a sudden out of the blue we hear noises coming from the bushes, laughing noises! Maddy, Leah, Emma and I was getting all nervous and anxious see what was coming we got closer together and the bushes in front of us started to shake then Mac, James and Malik came out of the the bushes one by one.
After lots of discussion and arguing we decided we would join forces and become allies but secret allies.
We walked along the bushes and found the river so we looked at our map and saw a part of the island which was surrounded by the river it was a part of the island that was probably untouchable because the thick river surrounded it. Maddy and I really wanted to find out what was there since it was a mystery but Malik, Mac, James, Leah and Emma stayed back and watched us cross slowly holding each others hand trying to get to the other side of the river.
Suddenly everyone screamed "WATCH OUT SOMETHINGS SWIMMING IN THE WATER AND ITS COMING TOWARDS YOU!" I turned around and saw big fat eels swimming right towards us by the hundreds, they swarmed around us but we quickly ran to the other side before they attacked us forgetting to bring any equipment! I was just had to calm down, I was so frightened!
Malik to the rescue! He came with lots of gear across the river but the eels were attacking from more angles more and more of them swarmed around, they were very angry and one grabbed onto his top and attacked him, but smart little Malik got out his hatchet and chopped the eels head but more came! James jumped in the river to save Malik from the eels he pushed the eels away and Malik ran to us but James ran back.
I thought since we were here we would might as well take a look around and much more eels were swimming around and we had to search to see if we could find anything!
Malik was cutting down all the trees and bushes in front of us to make a sort of path so we would know where to go back to and so we could get past, then all of a sudden we saw a huge structure with a sort of portal, door thing that u could see through! Amazing it was, you could see a big block but you could not see the top, very strange I thought, then I saw two ingravements in the door which one looked like an e that looked like and eye and the other a hand with only four fingers, it was very strange Maddy really wanted to find out what would happen if she touched it? "What if the portal opened and there was something special inside?" She called. Slowly her hand reached up to the ingravement and pressed her hand to it, she fell to the floor, unconscious.
We waited for a while trying to wake up her up. She woke up finally, but she was in so much shock she blurted out "I dreamt i was zooming really fast in a spaceship through the stars." "Oh my gosh" I said in shock, I was scared the first thing that came to mind was aliens and maybe we've gone into the future!
Maddy then said she couldn't feel her cut anymore she then undid the bandage and saw a big lump in her arm, the amber had been pushed inside her arm and the cut had been healed!
"I wonder if I should touch the e that looked like an eye."Malik wondered, he then got a stick and touched it. Suddenly Maik fell unconscious and Maddy shook him to wake him up he screamed "I was...fl...fl...floating in...space...and there was a...a...a pyramid and then..." "And then what" I said intrigued "Maddy woke me up."
I sighed.
"What were we going to do?" I said under my breath. "We need to see the top because there might be something very important there that might help us figure out the island." Maddy said concerned. "But how?" I replied and started to think hard. "Trees, we must climb up the tree and then we could see the top!" Maddy explained very excited about what we could find up there! "Okay lets do it!" Malik confirmed. We were going to see what was up the top!
Malik grabbed the axe from his bag and made dents like little footsteps to climb up we each climbed to the top of the tree terrified about what could be up there!
When we got to the top of the tree we still could not see the top of the structure, Malik the attached his axe to a 10m long rope and threw it up to the top of the structure but alas it did not hook on he again tried and threw the rope up but again it fell down. Malik then threw the rope on the top and it was caught on something so we all climbed up the rope, abseiling but going up!
I stood up and saw a square and a triangle and the rope was stuck in the square but you could not see threw the force field like shield.
Maddy was determined to go down and see what was down there Malik and I grabbed her hand and put her down slowly, suddenly Maddy was pulled down and Malik and I could not see her at all.
We need to save her I thought. Then I jumped in and saw Maddy standing in a black enclosed place were there I could see nothing, we then saw Malik's legs dangling through the force field and he then joined us.
It was pitch black then our eyes adjusted to the dark and we saw buttons all around us, it was like a con troll room! Malik went over to the buttons and started pushing them suddenly a door like thing popped up but like the first one we saw it needed a hand print but this time it was thee fingers so we figured out the things must have had three fingers and the other hand had four.
We saw through the door a futuristic place, weird it was. Malik kept pushing buttons but nothing was happening.
Suddenly a green blog came from a distance getting closer and closer. "blag blag." We heard, something grabbed Malik pulling him away then I heard Maddy scream, I tried to pull them away but then one got me, I was freaking out!!!! They took us to a cell locked by a hand examination place like the one we saw first, this was freaky.
We saw the blobby alien things talking shaking there heads and doing the i don't know thing with their arms we could not understand them one bit. An hour later they came back with a blobby substance, we touched it, it was like jelly. I brought it closer to my mouth as did Maddy and Malik we were so thirsty this was our only hope of water. I tasted it, it was like nothing I ever tasted before it made me feel full of life. We decided to drink it then we fell to the ground asleep.
Day 3
Me and Maddy woke up to find Leah with us and Malik was gone! We were lying on this bed that looked so uncomfortable and shiny like metal but when you but pressure on it it molds to you and it was so comfortable! Leah then told us how she was trying to wake us up but we were unconscious and we, no matter how hard she tried, were not able to wake! In the morning we were in a different cell and we heard a noise coming from the boys cells we heard, "GRAYSON" Mac screamed interrupting our conversation.
After that a green alien came to us and was making noises we couldn't understand it, Maddy asked "We are hungry, could we have food?" The alien left, meanwhile we were listening to Mac, Malik, Grayson, Leon and Andrew! The alien then came back with a tray of balls all different colours! We all picked one up and put it to our mouths and WOW it tasted exactly like that drink but this time we didn't fall to sleep.
Suddenly the aliens opened the cell and took us to a room like a con troll room but not. We were all together, we saw lots of computers and one had something we were not supposed to see....... a document about the whole secret of the island!!!!!!! I started reading it, senseless it was scary, Maddy screamed and then I read aloud "This island is one of many bubbles on this earth aliens have adopted it to take care and nurture as the humans have turned this earth into a toxic waste land." A chill ran down my back, I continued "The world and the humans are all dead and we have saved the planet but not the humans. We have saved animals from the past because the D.N.A was encased in amber. This is all we know so far as well as the humans foods and the best solutions for the earth as they do not." Everyone in the room was dead silent that was the secret of the island but not all of it, we don't know what went wrong and how the humans became extinct. We all were flabbergasted and then felt the spaceship move. As we were zooming through the air nothing was said.
Finally we landed, we were then shocked to see two alien things standing at the door tell us to go out. Then all of a sudden he told us "Hello hu-mans we have watched your planet suffer and we have come down to save it." Somehow we could understand. "We are the second group of aliens to come down the first group didn't do a very good job, we want to help you." Everyone turned at looked at each other he contunied "Take one item each." The other said "These will all help you in one way or another." Maddy picked the mystery staf which none of us had a clue of what it was, then Leah picked the runes Next I closed my eyes and slowley said "This one." I had picked the balm having no clue of what it was. Malik then said the liquid and last but not least Mac grabbed the Crystal skull. The Ankh was the only thing that was not taken. We all looked at these things and wondered.
Suddenly from out of the blue the alien grabbed me by the shoulder and said "You! The rest leave through the tunnel."I felt a bit funny like I was drunk or something, I then was strangley normal again but tummy felt really funny, I looked and saw my arm growing gold and I saw the table the Ankh was gone. I then knew it was inside me. I was thinking in my head Will it kill me AHHH! The alien reasured me, he heard my thoughts wierd I thought.
I ran through the tunnel to the rest of them, then Leah said "WOAH" I replied "WHAT?" She was very shocked. She told me that my eyes were all funny but I didnt take any notice of it and we carried on walking through the tunnel, I was dark and scary but we go through it!
We came to an opening and set up camp while the silver suit men went to go get Josiah, as we were setting up camp we saw the temple we went inside and saw the doors we pushed them open, Maddy then went mad with power and grabbed the axe on the wall and went crazy looked at Malik then tried to kill him she snapped just in time but killed a wood peigon instead, we walked through the next doors we all went funny, I felt so weird! We went on to the other side of the temple, came out Maddy a goddess like her staf, Leah a european goddess, Malik a God of water, Mac a Leprecorn and Me nothing, nothing not even a little power or anything! I got over the fact that I didnt have something then started to search around we found some berries and we were all hungry so decided to eat them and they filled up our stummys then we felt tired that we fell asleep straight away under a fern.
Day 4
On the Morning of day four we woke up to find me white it was only till later on to find out that I was a peagasus! Maddy, Leah and I had wings and we were still lying under the fern Mac and Malik told us to go find the others, so we did. Leon, Josiah, Grayson and Andrew were following us but they didnt get any powers because of there silver suit thingys! I was speaking to Leah and then I realised that I could talk, Im a peagasus and I can talk!
We found James climbing up the mountain holding Emma in arms being the hero but an ugly hero as he was a swamp monster! But Emma was sick, really sick so Mac used the skull to heal her and she was fine!
We looked from the tallest top of the mountain and saw the whole island and saw the structures and the thing that suprised all of us was that the other mountains were Egyptian pyramids! There was different things all over the island different things no one had seen before, Tunnels, caves and forest but my favourite was the enchanting waterfall. Maddy, Leah and I flew down to the waterfall and beautiful it was. I was really thirsty and the water looked so good I took a sip and it was delightful and so healthy we put some in a canister and took it with us! I still had the gold Anhk inside of me and it was being a bother, it really started to hurt so I grabbed the balm and put it on a leaf and rubbed it over me and it suddenly felt better, it was like a healing balm.
I felt strong and then Leah told me I was human and that was what I was thinking about then after a bit of thinking I changed back into a peagasus then Maddy and Leah tried it too and it worked!
We then told evryone to come down and sleep by the waterfall for the night.
Day 5
We set off to the cave very early in the morning delighted with the stories and experiences we have encountered so far on our journey, all of a sudden the waves rolled in crashing on the surface beneath our toes then a portal of some kind then the silver surfer dudes got attracted to the portal and started going towards it, they could not get away from it being zapped up into the top and into thin air nothing was seen of them. I flew up to the heavens to check if they had gone there but no sight of them anywhere.
We carried on telling stories down the river to the cave but inside we were all worrying about the guys, but I guess we had to keep going. Along the way we all we worried and anxious about what we might find in the cave.
Finally, we arrived at the cave and waited at the entrance, first to go in was Maddy being the brave person she is, followed by Emma, Leah and me, then Mac, James and Malik.It was a long tunnel like cave with ancient writing all over it, there were people and aliens and a silly creature thing that looked like the one that Asser found! While walking down the tunnel cave, I heard footsteps coming towards us getting louder and like we turned and saw shadows of four people suudenly Andrew, Grayson, Josiah and Leon came out of the blue and walked with us down the tunnel and told them of there story. They told us that they were flying in whiteness for ages and then landed on the top of the other side of the island. All of a sudden I heard a scream, looked to the front and saw Maddy staring at a Monkey that was talking very smarticle to her, strange, very strange but he was talking about the technical thing beside him I didnt hear anything because he was talking too fast and he was really smart, so obviously I didnt understand him. But one word I did hear was time machine and the thing standing next to him was very strange, I connected the pionts together and thought that it was a time machine and we were going to go back in time or forwards but I didnt want to interupt or disturb him by telling the other guys what I was thinking so I sat tight and listened to him babble on about sometthing which I had no idea but I think James was listening, intrigued, the look on his face showed it all.
When the Monkey finished he turned and said to the rest of us "I used to be a Hu-man but now I got mu-ta-ted into a Talking Monkey." He said it like we were some kind of idiots, how stupid I felt, well it was all over our faces, we looked at James he was holding in all the laughter almost bursting!
We decided together we would stay the night there and wake up tomorrow with a fresh mind and see if we would use the time machine.
Day 6
I woke up to see there was a spot on the ground in pink and the Monkey told us all to stand on it then he said "Good Luck" he pushed a button and we were in the past, we saw our selfs, wierd, we all thought as you could see the expression on there faces.
We were in reality, well back in the past building villages on Matainui when we did the sustainability challenge. We didnt want to stay long just in case we got trapped back in time or something like that so we wanted to leave early.
After lots of bickering and argueing we decided well the monkey decided that we would go back, so with the push of a button the monkey transported us back to the cave and we were all standing in the same exact place except it was dark, like going through the time warp took hours and we felt like it took about 2 seconds.
We needed a good place to rest for the night and the waterfall seemed like a good place to do that so we said our goodbyes and thankyous to the monkey and set off back to the waterfall where we spent the night.
It was the middle of the night and I had woke up screaming and shouting, I then remembered my dream and this is sort of what happened.
I got taken away by the evil aliens and the good ones had all died in fact the whole world had been taken over by the bad aliens, the people had been mind controlled and were catering for the aliens every wim. I was the only one that couldn't be mind controlled as I had the special Ankh inside me. They were torturing me to the piont were I couldn't take it any longer and let go suddenly I woke up kicking and screaming I calmed myself down and tried to get back to sleep but when ever I closed my eyes the picture came into my mind so I lay my head on my pillow and thought about how good if I were home right now and eventually I feel to sleep, a very deep sleep.
Day 7
We woke up early in the morning to overlook the whole island, we flew to the top and saw a huge, humongous, giant sign that said ICE-CREAM in big large letters so we went back down packed up our stuff and flew over to above the lake and saw Jordan and Cairo selling ice-creams on a floating ice-cream truck!
It was endless and in all flavours and colours you could imagine Jordan told us how he wwas a shape shifter and he could make anything into anything just like Emma but he couldnt become invisible, we had a great time sharing our stories with them thiers were very, how you say extravagent yet wierd, but anyway they did have some good stories to tell us and we told them what had happen to us They said they would have an endless pit of ice-cream the next day (seemed to me that somebody liked ice-cream) and you could swim in it and eat it and YUM!
We decided we would stay and wait with them until we would go down to beside the forest and have a great day at the wonderful ice-cream pit.... Goodnight! But it wasn't goodnight for me as I woke up again having the same dream this started to scare me but I would tell everyone else in the morning.
Day 8
We slept in so late and woke up at 11 oclock! I began to tell everyone about the experiences I had been having and they all thought it was strange and said if it happened again I would wake them up.
We went on a journey towards the forest and then carried on to just below it and we watched Jordan transform everything into everything!
It was beautiful, ice-cream galore nothing but ice-cream, ice-cream and more ice-cream. I couldnt believe my eyes I had never seen anythting like this ever before well most the things I've seen on this island but anyway.
Cairo was giving out this broach sort of thing that Jordan put on first we watched him slowly bring the broach to his chest and stick it there, then all of a sudden a full body suit surrounded him, then everyone else started to do it too!
We jumped into the endless pool of ice-cream and then the ice-cream around me changed to my favourite flavour I took a bite and boy, was it delicious!
All day we were swimming and eating that scrumptious ice-cream Jordan made but I felt I would like something different then I took of my suit and went looking for something other then ice-cream, I went through the forest and saw some berries on the tree next to the path and decided I would take some and eat them they tasted good at first but then I started to feel a bit funny so flew back to everyone else just in case I didnt come back and nobody noticed, while I was in the air I felt dizzy and was shaking I finlly saww the rest of them and fell down and crash landed in the pool of ice-cream! I carried myself out and sat by watching the guys have fun for the rest of the day.
We slept the night there as I fell asleep while watching them play in the pit. And strangely had the dream but it was only like 5 oclock in the afternoon and everyone saw me. But it was fine and everyone went and had an early night.
Day 9
In the morning we all felt very sick from the ice-cream and I felt extra sick from the berries, I think it was all food posioning so I remembered how the waterfall made us feel all better, so I told the rest and we flew over and drank the water and all of us felt so much better after that, but I still felt dizzy.
We didnt have a full on day because of this and we spent the whole day sitting around and telling stories how we usally do when were bored so we had a pretty good day.
Maddy suggested that Emma should make a bon fire and she made a protection bubble around it to keep the smoke in to stop it from spreading and making this bubble unsustainable and most of all it kept the warmth in and we were all happy.....
Day 10
Day 10 we journeyed well flew across the island to the little island of the shore. We explored it and set up camp by a large tree and behind the tree was Mr Woody's and Miss McConnels old house made of limestone. We searched and found food and water which kept us healthy and full for the rest of the day, we all feel so much better from the day before.
We stayed and slept the night there as well, not surprisely I had the exact same dream again exept this time I dreamt I was running away. Then I never woke up. The dream keep repeating over and over again I tried to get but I couln't no matter how hard I tried......
Day 11
I never awoke from that stupid dream..... untill I felt a cold thing on my chest and my eyes slowley opened and saw Emma, Maddy and Leah sitting around watching me awake, at this point I was really afraid and it was about 6 oclock at night so we slept and waited till the morning to tell me what happened. And again that night I had the same dream but this time it was Maddy, Leah, Emma and I are being captured by the bad aliens this time I was really scared I mean what if it happened! I got back to sleep and didn't dream for the rest of the night.
Day 12
That morning they all told me what had happened, I was sleep walking well running away from the bad aliens as so I shouted, I couldn't remember anything but anyway I fell before a large tree like I sensed it or something then there was nothing I couldn't wake up, they saw the Ankh outside of me and didn't know what to do James sugessted that they put it back inside of me but they didn't know if that would kill me. Emma then told them to bring her a long twig and she made that into a rope, they then put it around my neck and I woke up. They told me never to take off the necklace because something very bad would happen, then I suddenly remembered when I was dreaming the dream told me never take off the necklace at that time I had no idea what it meant, but now I did.
I dare not take off the necklace in any situation they told me, I kept thinking about the dream and what if it came true the document said that there were to groups and I got really scared.
I said to myself if I don't think about it I won't get scared and so I did.
We forgot it and carried on with our journeys.
Maddy, Leah, Emma and I went down to the beach around the little island and rested there for a while.
Suddenly a green alien figue came and took us we suspected it was one of the bad aliens from my dream, we were freaking out as we knew what would happen as it was exactly like my dream!
They took us to a massive space craft bigger then anyone we've ever been in before! Yet the inside was tiny with hardly any space for alll of us, we were all afraid of what would happen.
The inside was a dark, dark blue like the night sky was yellowy like the colour of the bricks on a pyramid, this had to mean something we thought a we squished up together to look around the space ship, there were symbols and artifacts most we had already seen on the island but some we had not.
After looking closely at the symbols, most of them had something to do with the Fibonacci Sequence, many had a pyramid shape base then added themself with the number beside it like the Fibonacci Sequence, but we didn't know exactly what that meant so we carried on studying the amazing pictures and artifact looking like they were so old yet so new at the same time! Suddenly my eyes focused on one picture, I felt like I had seen it before but no one else had I thought it was nothing and we carried on discussing the astounding facts and the mysteries we dicovered about the island so far.
Then space craft had been flying though the air for ages so it felt like and we all wondered were we were, I unanticipatedly saw a curtain in light purple out of the corner of my eye and walked over, the short distance, and opened the curtain and saw the dark, dark sky. I saw that the space craft was slowing down and there was a pyramid which the yellowy bricks aligned so perfectly and I the exact middle there was a huge hole then, in the distance I saw an amazing two other pyramids aligned exactly the same with a hole in the middle, one was smaller and the other one, which was in the middle of the other two, was the biggest of all.
The spaceship flew around the first one and then as we got closer and closer to the pyramids the hole in the middle got bigger and bigger. Just then I realised that we weren't going to stop before the pyramids we were going to go through the hole!
Then as we got closer again to the hole the space ship started to speed up and then all of a sudden the hole enlarged and we speed through the tunnel, it went on for ever!
We came to a complete stop at a round circle and a chair with something I couldn't quite see as I was still looking out from the window at that time, the alien thing then opened the door and a ramp rolled out, as we walked down the ramp I looked around at where we were and I saw the huge thrown that I thought the alien king or queen was sitting in, the room was amazing and big and a sharp purple colour all around the walls, there was only one little door which I looked through and saw building for miles and miles.
The aliens that captured us told the King or Queen alien that we were on the island of Matainui bubble and we were different, being us we had no idea at all of what this meant the aliens then went back into the ship and went through the hole it enlarged and and they went through it without ease and left us with the head of the aliens.
"You journed through our land now you must pay." He began to speak. "You must perish for going through our land." He then told us.
We were all very worried and scared of what would happen.
He then again spoke to his people "To the dungon with the."
Maddy screamed "Please do not kill us!"
"Well then what shall I do with you who walk on my land." He responded.
"We will do anything." I put forth.
"I will consult with my people and get back to you in the morning, it is getting late and you need to get some sleep."
"Okay." Emma said and broke the silence.
In the night I had a dream, again, that we were in the same place us four and no one else was there we were battling enlarged bugs and spiders and creatures we had never seen before, I woke up to see two aliens staring at me and whispering to each other "The gift of knowing, the gift of knowing." They murmered.
I had no idea what to think but I didn't what them to know I was awake so I quickly went back to sleep.
Day 13
In the morning about twelve alien people were standing around us, they all looked exactly the same all of them, but then the head of alien people came into the room and sat on his chair.
He began to speak "If you want to get back to your home, I will send you four to a parrellel universe and to the Matainui bubble we call bubble number five two seven eight one zero zero, you have to find these items." Suddenly a piece of pape with a couple of words appeared in my hands.
He kept telling us about the mission "Now go and find these items, GO."
We were looking around at each other and we were, I recognised this place like we had been to this place before and I then remembered we came here when we saw the big structure, I turned and saw it standing there. I looked at the list and saw large spider bone but that was it the alien said there were multiple challenges not just one, then suddenly I heard a loud scream and noise coming from above, we looked up insinc and saw... a huge spider!
It was exactly like the one we first saw and it came crawling down the side of the structure and came towards us!
Faster and faster it crawled down, what would we do, last time we just ran but this time we knew if we wanted to get back home we needed a spiders bone, so what would we do, the spider jumped out at us and feel down before our feet, like our powers killed him, but we still needed the bone. Emma went up to the spider and broke a leg bone off and put it in her arms, then it disapeared and a message poped up it said "Well done now you must get a rare tree leaf." Then it stoped and I diccussed how exactly would we find a rare tree leaf? Again the message started to go and something fell on the floor.
"You will sense it when it is near but use this to check." It said.
Mysteriously Leah picked up the gadget and took it on our journey.
We came to the river and we flew across it and landed in a deep deep hole I looked around and everyone elses eyes were shuttering and they started to get drousy, I thought it might have been the hole doing it so I told them to get out but by the time they got half way they were in a deep, deep sleep. I put my arm around Leah and took her to the top to see if she would wake but she still did not, I decided i would be better if I went down and took Maddy and Emma to the top too.
I did so and they all were lying asleep on the hard, muddy ground.
I knew I could not wake them no matter how hard I tried so I went looking around the place for medicine or something to wake them up.
I searched around and saw a bottle of something dangley from a long rope nearly touching the gound, I went to go grab it then out of the blue a tree poped out of the bushes and scared me half to death! As frightened as I was, It started talking to me and said "Hello I am treeness and I am, well once was a human and now I am a tree, please help me I need to find a rare tree leaf from the rare gumball tree to turn me back into a human."
I began to tell him ow much of a coincedence that was as I needed to find one of them too! He warned me not to enter the wild bush alone as it is a very dangerous place. I pointed to my friends and said "I am not alone they are with me."
He laughed at me like I was some kind of crazy person and handed me the potion and said "glop, glop, glop do not turn them into frogs!"
"Were they turning into frogs?" I queried.
"Yes." The tree said giggling.
Leah then Maddy then Emma woke to see me and the tree sitting on a branch, I told them all about the rare tree leaf and what the tree had told me.
Then leah picked up the thing that the alien gave to her and looked at the tree, Leah screamed and said "Can I have one of your leafs and we will be very greatful." He took one of and gave it to her.
It disapeared like the bone and the message again said "Well done now you must find a t.v." It paused and we all thought what the duck?
"Telecomunicater visiocomert." It alerted us.
"Yes and that made it so much clearer." Emma said sarcasticaly.
So we set of to find this wierd thing, on our journey we passed caves and forest and rivers but somehow we knew exactly where we were going with Maddy leading the way.
I looked into the distance and saw a glowing thing covered in some yucky slimy stuff, Leah put her hand into the substance and pulled out the glowing thing without fuss it cleared away and we were transported back to the Matainui that we knew and loved and sat and watched the sunset on the beach where we washed ashore.
Day 14
We rised in the morning to see the sunrise before us and what a beautiful sight that was, suddenly we heard heaps of people coming towards the beach we were lying apon talking about there exciting adventures and how cool this trip was. Then a plane from the outside came and took us home, when we went outide the bubble all our powers were gone and we were all normal again.
It was sad to leave Matainui, but it was and adventure of a lifetime.
The End


Midnight Baloney said...

This is really cool. I don't think I've done mine properly LOL but luckily I haven't posted it yet

Bubbles said...

Thanks Midnight baloney it took ages editing it!!!!!!! =)

MrWoody said...

Cor blimey Bubbles - super well done... I am going to read it closely now for typos and anything that can be improved.
Watch out for giant spiders!

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Wow thats an awesome story its very descriptive!!
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wow this is so cool. Your right I really couldn't stop thinking about that weird glowing orb thing!

This is really fun!

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Cool story!!!

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You set a very excited pace and keep the audience gripped by constant action. I think a few more details would flesh out the story and help set the scene a bit better. I am delighted you took ages editing it, but now you need to go back and think about the use of commas and where to end some sentences. You also need to use paragraphing to break up each section which has a different main idea in it. When you change scene or action etc.
Think about whether or not you race through a bit too quickly. I know it seems amazing that you could write so much quality narrative but still need to add a bit more, but see what you think.

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Cool! I really like your story. cant wait to read more:)

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I really like your descriptiveness!

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Wow once again I think that this writing is awesome!!!!

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I am excited to read on and find out what happens to you all on day 4.

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kwl story bubbles i wish I could write like you good jobxx
CHOCOHOLIC much??????????

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It does not get much better than that Well done Bubbles